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Almost any "essential use" equipment, real property and facilities construction or upgrade.

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Leverage annual appropriations by 3, 4 or 5 times!
Annual appropriations can be disbursed today, dollar-for-dollar, or can be “leveraged” by 3, 4 or 5 times when the same amount is allocated to lease payments!  For example: A $25,000 budget appropriation, may provide enough “buying power” to place $100-125,000 of new equipment into service, today!  That’s leverage.
Here’s How:  All of the equipment is delivered today, your vendor paid today, while the repayment amounts are spread over multiple payment/budget periods that you select.  Our leases have no residual; the government entity owns the equipment from the day it is delivered.  Further, “the lease” can be paid off, in full at any time, re-financed at a future date (with future bond issue proceeds, or when other grant funds are received, for example), or terminated in the event funds are not appropriated.


A lease is not treated as debt. Nor does a municipal lease contribute to your debt ceiling Here's Why: The obligation is a current expense subject to the annual appropriation of funds. Because of the inclusion of "non-appropriation" language in the lease, payments are treated as current operating expenses. This is not "public debt," in most states. And unlike public debt, municipal lease financing does not require voter approval.



Leases Vs. Bonds--A very big difference!  Funds provided by bonds are guaranteed by the "full faith and credit" of your city and must be paid back, unlike municipal leases which are subject to the annual appropriation of funds.  A bond issuer (city)  guarantees to pay back the bond "ad valorem."  A bond issuer guarantees to collect additional taxes if necessary, to make each and every bond payment to the bondholder--and that guarantee is backed by the real and personal property of every resident--a bond obligation has the ability to "reach into the pocket" of each and every taxpayer in the jurisdiction should the budget ever come up short.  That's one of the reasons bonds require public referendums, extensive legal reviews and "mountains" of paperwork.



Protect existing borrowing capacity. Again, because a municipal lease is not considered debt.



Significantly faster, less complicated and much less expensive than other forms of public debt.  Documentation is straightforward and only a one-page application is required for transactions under $100,000. Most leases are approved in one day, signed and finalized within one week. Compare this to a bond issue or other forms of public debt!



100% Financing. No cash down payment is required with a municipal lease.



Municipal leasing is cash flow friendly. Leasing matches the cost of new equipment with the benefits and/or saving associated with that equipment, over a period of years. Why pay in advance with lump sum payments out of any single appropriation?



Deferred payment options. Take delivery now, pay the vendor now with leases payments commencing at your next fiscal/budget period (up to 12 months from now.



Pick your own payment schedule-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually--in advance or arrears.



Overcome capital budgeting restrictions/freezes! Many districts are facing "freezes." Equipment acquired under municipal leases is generally treated as operating expenses, rather than capital expenses.


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NOTE: Lessee must qualify as issuers of tax exempt debt under I.R.S. Section 103, as amended.



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