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Municipal Leasing

State, County, City Governments, Towns, Villages,  Boroughs & Special Districts
All Departments & Agencies

What is municipal leasing?

municipal Leasedo more with lessA specialized, tax-advantaged type of financing that allows government entities to acquire almost any kind of new or used, essential-use equipment, real estate, hardware, vehicles or software. From energy management to fire apparatus, police cars to modular classrooms and everything in between!  These are lease-to-own programs with no residual and no end-of-lease buyout.  Title passes at delivery, not at lease end.  "Do more, with less" using municipal leasing.  Its all about maximizing the buying power of the budget dollars you have now, for what you need today and tomorrow.  And without bonds!

Which government entities qualify for a "municipal lease?"
The word municipal may be a bit of a all of the programs described here are available to:

State, County & Municipal governments and their agencies:
Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Fire, Rescue, EMS, Water  & Port Authorities,
 School Districts, Community Colleges, State Universities &  Hospitals

Multiply current appropriation by 4-5 times!
municipal leasing heavy equipment, construction equipment, road and paving equipment leasing
Leases provide the financial leverage that allows government agencies to multiply the purchasing power of their current appropriations by a factor of 4-5 times!  What an agency has appropriated this year and anticipates in following years, can often allow them put 4-5 times that amount of new equipment into service today, to meet current needs. 

What You Need...When You Need It!
Two new school buses or police cars acquired with cash this year...or a small fleet of 8-10 new vehicles, with the same out-of-pocket amount
spread over the next 5 annual budget years? 


How does it work?
The Nuts & Bolts

Key Benefit: Our municipal leasing programs allow governments to "Pay As You Go," as funds are appropriated, year-by-year.  Level, easy-to-budget, guaranteed-in-advance payments. Rates are locked in for the entire lease term.

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Municipal leasing is often the lowest cost financing option.

school bus for municipal government & school district
Tax advantaged municipal leasing rates are almost always lower
than any comparable commercial borrowing. Here's why: Tax exempt municipal leasing is more aggressively priced because the interest income to the funding source (First Capital, its banks and investors) is exempt from certain Federal income taxes. Our cost of funds starts lower and the government entities cost of funds is lower too!

Municipal leasing is faster, less expensive and easier.

Unlike complex bond financing or conventional financing, municipal leasing is a very streamlined process that provides access to the most aggressive rates available.  From as small as $5,000 to $20 million and more!

One-Page "Easy Ap™" to $100,000.  Next day approvals.
No Financial Statement under $100,000.
No "Opinion of Counsel" required for leases under $100,000.
Non-appropriation language included on all leases wherever required by law.
Get a prompt, written, no-obligation, Quick Quote any time!
We do not require voter referendums or approval
Municipal leases do not create balance-sheet debt.
No cash down, No payoff, No usage restrictions - none!

Totally Flexible Payment Terms
Just tell us what YOU need! First Capital offers a range extremely flexible payment terms (monthly, quarterly or annual payments in advance or arrears, even deferred and step up/down) designed to fit any agency’s budget process. Terms to 5 years on most equipment...6, 7 and up to 15years on heavy equipment and fire apparatus.

Wait for a grant...or use our municipal lease today?
Grants can be a tempting route, but the process itself can be convoluted and tedious, more importantly the outcome and timing are almost always uncertain.  Municipal leasing conserves cash allowing use of the equipment to be matched against to tax revenue over those periods.  A "pay as you go" model, that most government planners find is a "perfect budget fit."  First Capital's municipal leases can be pre-paid at any time.  The government entity may to continue to pursue any potential grant opportunities knowing that that essential  new equipment is going into service now, and that should grant funds (or bond proceeds for that matter) become available, proceeds can be used to pay off part or all of the remaining lease balance without penalty. 

Non-Appropriation Language...No Problem!
Our federal, state & municipal leasing programs have "non-appropriation" language built in, automatically for any state that requires them.  In the event funds are not available for any legal reason, the equipment is returned to First Capital and the lease can be terminated.  Even Federal, “Termination for Convenience” language can be accommodated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: First Capital Equipment Leasing Corp. ("FCELC") acts for its own account only. FCELC does not act as a municipal advisor, municipal financial consultant, fiduciary or agent to any person or entity pursuant to Section 15B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the municipal advisor rules of the SEC. FCELC is not recommending that you take an action with respect to the information contained on this page or this website. You should review and discuss anything presented herein with such independent financial, tax, legal and other advisors as you deem appropriate.

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