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Working Capital Loans & Financing
Operating Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses


For Any Business Need -- $10,000 to $250,000!


"Working capital" can be used for almost any business purpose and is not tied to, or secured by the acquisition of any particular new, business equipment.   Business expansion, to acquire inventory, advertising, promotions, accounts payable, to pay down other obligations.  Working capital can even be used to acquire another business!


You deal with working capital issues every day--it's the difference between current assets and current liabilities.  Its about your businesses ability to pay its day-to-day bills with readily accessible cash.   For many businesses there is an "ebb and flow"


Practically, it's your cushion for ordering inventory, maintaining and expanding operations and taking advantage of special business opportunities marketing initiatives


This program is for successful businesses owned by principals with excellent personal credit.  Although  a full credit review will be made, the size of loan approved and the maximum loan term will be directly related to three key measures (these are minimums):


Use Working Capital Loan for:
Expand your business inventory municipal construction

Upgrade equipment

  Manage seasonality

Remodel your facility

Meet general business expenses

Handle emergencies

Bridge Loan Funding (interim, prior to long term financing)


working captal loans

Basic Qualifications:

1 Year+ Under Current Ownership
$150,000+ in annual revenues
Options for most credit circumstances


Unlike so called "lines of credit," our working capital rates are fixed and do not float.  Unlike a typical line of credit there is no requirement for the balance to "paid down to zero" during the term, nor are there any audit requirements, borrowing restrictions, or compensating balance requirements. 


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