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First Capital has a variety of truck leasing and commercial vehicle leasing (financing) options. Big trucks, small trucks, work trucks.  COMPARE: All of our truck leasing programs allow you to select the truck of your choice, from box trucks to bucket trucks--all from the most competitive & convenient truck dealer of your choice. First Capital does not sell trucks, rather we purchase the truck from the dealer that you select, at the price you have arranged and lease the truck to you at low monthly payments spread over 36 to 84 months. After the last payment, for a nominal $1 payment, YOU OWN THE TRUCK.  Do you know what you need right now


Commercial Truck Rentals

Lease-To-Own YES! Rental? THAT could cost you a lot of money!  Are you renting a work truck week-to-week, month after month?  You're probably spending way more than you need to!  Check out the difference between what are spending now "renting" and see how much less you could be spending, owning.  Get the numbers, Do the math.  Start now.



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(Note: 24 Month minimum. Lease-To-Own. No daily, monthly, rentals or short term leases)



Most of our truck leasing programs are "lease to own," allowing you to purchase the truck for $1, OR to return the truck with no additional payments due, OR purchase the truck for its fair market value at lease end (this can lower the lease payment)

What's different? Local Dealers, Local Service, Local Relationships

First Capital provides lease-to-own financing and TRAC leases for just about any truck or commercial vehicle that meets your business needs.  We'll buy YOUR truck, from the dealer that YOU pick in the location that you pick, and at the lowest price you are quoted.  YOU pick the right truck at the right price, from the right dealer, WE buy the truck (pay the dealer in full) and YOU PAY US over 24-72 months.


Trust Matters.



All you need for a quote is the dealer's price, make, model, year & approx. mileage.



(24 Month minimum. Lease-to-own. We don't offer daily, monthly or short term leases or rentals) 


Partial listing of the type of trucks we finance!

Box Truck Leasing

Cargo Truck Mini Vans
Tractors & Power Units* Step Vans Trailers
Propane Trucks Fuel Oil Delivery Trucks Passenger Vans
Bucket Trucks Cargo Vans, Cube Vans Tow Trucks / Wreckers
Cube Vans Flatbed Municipal Transit Buses
Aerial Platforms Straight Truck Leasing Digger Derrick
Limousines Pick-Ups School Buses
Construction Dump Trucks Car Carriers
Refrigerated / Reefer Buses & School Buses Mini-Vans
Para Transit Day Care Buses Handicapped ADA Vans
Sewer Vacuum Truck Leasing Cranes
Fire & Rescue [MORE] Concrete Pumps Water
Funeral Cars Hearses Expediter Truck
Truck Leasing: GMC, Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Mack
Ford Leasing F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Ford F-450, Ford F-550, F-650
FedEx Trucks Ground & Route Delivery Contractors, Expediter Trucks
NOTICE: All brand names or model names are mentioned "for example" only and are the property of the respective trademark owners.  First Capital Equipment Leasing Corp (FCELC) is NOT a dealer, representative, reseller for or in any way affiliated with any seller of trucks or related equipment.  FCELC DOES NOT SELL ANY TYPE OF TRUCKS OR  EQUIPMENT, REPRESENT OR ACT FOR, OR AT THE DIRECTION OF ANY SELLERS of vehicles or equipment, manufacturers, or dealers, nor does FCELC received remuneration or consideration of any type from any sellers.



3 Types of Truck & Commercial Vehicle Leases:


1) Finance Lease - Lease to Own ($1 Buyout)  "No-Restrictions Truck Lease" with great benefits:




NO MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS No "wear & tear" or condition restrictions.


NO RESIDUALS ($1 Purchase Option)


New or Used Vehicles -- No Problem!


Install any equipment, paint, decals and/or modify vehicle as necessary.


Purchase from ANY dealer of your choice.


(Or lease any amount under our Commercial Truck Lease

Terms to 72 months. (Used vehicle formula age + term = < 7 yrs. total for light trucks, < 10 years for heavy trucks & trailers. Certain exceptions) 


2) Fair Market Value Lease - ("FMV") Truck Lease.  


Lower, fixed monthly truck lease payments


May be 100% Tax Deductible as an operating expense (consult your tax profession) 


Return the truck at the conclusion of the lease, OR purchase the truck for its Fair Market Value, OR continue to lease the truck.


3) TRAC Lease

A TRAC lease is a special type of FMV truck lease that guarantees the end-of-lease residual price for the vehicle in advance.  TRAC stands for (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause).  A TRAC lease allows us to calculate the end-of-lease residual (buyout) at the beginning unlike an FMV lease.  CALL for details on TRAC leases.


A TRAC lease provides these additional benefits: 


The LOWEST monthly truck lease payments.


A TRAC lease generally offers 100% tax deductibility (consult your tax professional) 


Highest truck residuals -- Up to 30% on new vehicles


And a TRAC lease allows for:



Pre-determined end-of-lease truck valuations. 


Lower payments than equivalent conventional truck leases or loans.


100% truck financing


Minimizes AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) ramifications as the lessor retains all depreciation, while passing on the lowest possible monthly lease payments to the lessee.


More: The TRAC lease is a unique variation of the FMV lease in that the risk and reward of ownership is transferred to the lessee via the "terminal rental adjustment clause" (TRAC) at the start of the lease.  This lease is generally treated as a 100% tax-deductible operating expense, not a capital acquisition.  When the truck is returned, the lessee will be entitled to any sale value realized in excess of the projected residual value of the truck and similarly responsible for any shortfall below the projected residual value of the truck.  (Such "pre-determined residual" valuations would automatically invalidate a traditional FMV lease for IRS purposes, but are acceptable in a TRAC structure.) TRAC lease generally require somewhat stronger credit.


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(24 Month minimum. Lease-to-own. We DO NOT offer daily, monthly or short term rentals/leases)


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