Reasons To Lease

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Lease Vs. Bank!


Reasons Why Leasing Is So Widely Used
By Businesses of All Sizes

Leasing works
for almost 7 out of 10 U.S. businesses, because leasing makes economic sense.  Leasing is also:
30 Minute Pre-Approvals
4-48 Hour Turnarounds
One Page Credit Ap 
No business plans
No financials (<$100K)

Apply By Phone
Apply On-Line
Leasing Is Better Than  Bank Financing
or Cash Financing.

Here's why:
Fixed Rates
No cross-collateralization
100% Financing (even software!)
No restrictive borrowing covenants


Leasing Is "Cash Flow Friendly"
Here's why:
Deferred Payments
Step Up /Step Down Payment
Seasonal Payments
Vendor Pre-payments


Leasing Offers Tax Advantages.
Here's why:
Significant Tax Deductions
Accelerated Depreciation
Reduced AMT liability


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Why pay in advance for your business assets?
Assets that...
- Return income (profits) over a period of years and, that
- Depreciate in value over a period of years

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