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Police Car Leasing
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Do you need 10 vehicles, but only enough in the budget for 2 or 3?  Need 30, but there's only enough budget to squeeze in 6 this year?  You're not alone, you hear it from other agencies, we hear it from departments around the country.  But there is a cost-effective solution that you can implement right now. So, which costs less?


We  can show your police or sheriff's department how to multiply the funds in (the buying power) police cars & motorcycles (and hardware, software and equipment) by a factor of 3, 4 or 5 times, without increasing its yearly expenditures. 


Most police departments have fallen into the "pay-in-advance-for-everything" budget trap.  That may be a great idea when funds are plentiful, but a "tough road to hoe," when funds are scarce!

Our police car acquisition model is “pay-as-you-golease-to-own financing.  It can give your department tremendous additional buying power to meet its public mandate today, with the funds that are available today, instead of deferring essential purchases or trying to “bank” the funds for the future.  (Which is a losing proposition as inflation often outpaces your savings yields, and actually make “waiting” the more expensive option!)

Do you know exactly what you need?  Quote Me! Our newly updated sister site (100% police!) is at  www.Police-Lease.com exclusively for police & sheriff's departments.  Neeed a few more facts? 7 Benefits of Municipal Lease-to-Own Financing for Police Vehicles & Equipment, or just keep reading a bit more below..

Consistently Lower than Dealer Lease Pricing

Is your budget forcing you to look for just a few new cars every year--when you really need several times that amount?  We can show your department how the same budget dollars, will allow them to add four or five new vehicles this year for every one vehicle they "would have" purchased for cash. The "math" is even more attractive for larger purchases, not only will the funds for 10 new cars get your department as many as 40 new vehicles, but our municipal lease interest rates drop off sharply as the dollar-size of the transaction increases.  Please don't hesitate to let us to quote on any possible purchase configurations.

Why Commercial Car Leases Don't Work for Police Departments

Here’s “the real math” behind commercial lease pricing: The auto leasing company purchases new vehicles up front and “leases”  (rents) them to your agency in exchange for 12-24 monthly payments. Their key financial assumption is that  when your return the vehicle, they'll be able to sell-off your department's very low-mileage, “almost new” condition vehicle for a profit at the end of the lease.  i.e. They recover their initial investment and their profit from 1) the sum of your payments, and 2) the money they make selling your off-lease vehicle. But this is where the math falls apart.  What real departments, really do after they receive a “brand new” vehicle is start drilling holes, installing radios, antennas, light bars, prisoner cages, consoles, push bumpers and of course adding their own paint and graphics.  Then the vehicle goes into rotation patrolling up to 3-shifts, 24/7/365 and racking up anywhere from 15-60,000 or more miles per year, for 3, 4, or 5 years.  The critical question?  Will the vehicles that your agency returns after the (commercial) lease be ready for profitable re-sale by the dealer-- with all of the normal wear & tear you'll put on just doing what police do, day-in and day-out?  Not likely from our experience.  (You will PAY DEARLY to recondition those cars when the commercial lease ends--its ALL buried the fine print. NONE of this is an issue with our municipal leases)

Special Programs for Law Enforcement Vehicles & All Related Equipm


Unlimited Mileage


Purchase from ANY DEALER -- your coop buying, state or federal contract.


Vehicles titled in your city's name - Your city owns them the day they are  delivered


Lease Terms: 3, 4, 5 & 6 Years


NO BUYOUTS, no residuals or balloon payment ever


No "WEAR & TEAR," maintenance, condition restrictions


INSTALL ANY UPFITS and/or EQUIPMENT -- modify the vehicle as necessary including paint & graphics


2 Page Application, 2 Day Approvals.


Take delivery today - payments deferred for up to 12 months to match your fiscal year or budget period

 First payment can be up to 12 months after lease signing! (subject to credit)

Include 100% of your upfit equipment from any vendor--in the lease amount
Laptops, radar, radios, video, shotgun racks, consoles, prisoner cages, light bars, graphics, sirens & K-9 access.

Non-Appropriation of Funds Language automatically included wherever required by law. (Not available in a commercial lease)

All of these lease-to-own programs and the lease documentation automatically include NON-APPROPRIATION language wherever required by law. Full pre-payment options and lease language that will acceptable to your legal counsel.

Press here for more on the Advantages of Municipal Leasing to your department.

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Lease to own financing for Police & Sheriff's Departments


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