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No Monthly Payments For


That’s right!  You can buy NOW.  You can take delivery NOW.  First Capital will pay 100% of the vendor's full invoice NOW.  The are no monthly lease payments for four months!  Total out of pocket expense is just a one-month security deposit. That’s it!

Here's How It Works:  At closing the lessee pays the equivalent of one monthly lease payment as a security deposit, along with First Capital's documentation fee*.  30 days after delivery the lessee will make the first of 3 monthly “contact payments” set at a nominal $25/each.  The first full monthly payment isn't due until approximately 120 days after delivery.

A NO PAYMENT for 4 MONTHS EXAMPLE: IF the equipment is delivered on June 1st, then the first  $25 monthly contact payment would be due July 1st  with the second on August 1st and third on September  1st..  And therefore  the first FULL MONTHLY LEASE PAYMENT, wouldn't be due until October 1st!

Just "plug in any starting month to see how it would work for your business!

You can BUY NOW,
Your vendor can get PAID NOW,
There are NO MONTHLY LEASE PAYMENTS NOW (for 4 months)
and many businesses can…
DEDUCT (up to) $500,000 NOW from your 2016 taxes!!

Many businesses will be eligible for a "CASH-off-the-top” 2016 tax deductions equal to as much as $500,000.  Many businesses will actually be cash flow positive in 2016 after acquiring equipment during 2016! Pretty good, don't you think?

See the actual savings math: $350,000 Purchase Example -- Press Here 

Download It! 4 Month Deferral Brochure


* First Capital's standard documentation fee is $150.  For transactions over $50,000, there is a combined documentation and site inspection fee of $350.  Certain transactions, including titled vehicles for example, may have additional costs associated with them. Please call at anytime for additional information and a detailed written quote.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  First Capital Equipment Leasing Corp. does not offer tax advice and is not recommending that you take an action with respect to the information presented.  You should review and discuss this program with your CPA and such independent financial, tax, legal and other advisors as you deem appropriate.


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