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Utility Equipment (9)

Giant-Vac builds a complete line of leaf blowers, leaf loaders, collection systems, trail vacuums, commercial mowers and debris handlers.

Holder Tractor
HOLDER is a world leader in the design and manufacture of articulated compact tractors. These multi-season, multi-purpose vehicles are relied upon by municipalities, large institutions, property maintenance and landscape firms, vineyards and plantations, forest management companies.

Multitek Inc.
Multitek Inc. manufacturers of well crafted products which include Grapples, Firewood Processors, Yard Hand Conveyors, MultiScreen Systems, Wheel Crushers, and Hydraulic Systems.

Pressure Island.
The Leader in Industrial Grade Closed-Loop Cleaning Systems

Commercial Greenhouse Equipment -- Greenhouse Heaters, Greenhouse Sprayers, Greenhouse Carts, Soil Sterilization Equipment, Waste Oil Heaters and Agricultural Equipment

Trackless Vehicles.
The Trackless MT Series V Diesel is the fifth generation of municipal tractors designed and manufactured by Trackless Vehicles Ltd. Thirty-five years ago, Trackless began development of a totally new concept in North America - an articulated, four wheel drive tractor with interchangeable front mounted attachments. Our commitment has been to manufacture the most powerful, dependable and user-friendly tractor in its class, with a choice of attachments which allows 12 month utilization.

The Vacstar line of vacuum excavation equipment is designed to locate underground utilities safely and quickly, as well as clean culverts, treatment plants, meter boxes, etc. The Vacstar is designed for an operator to have curbside operations, which makes running the vac easier and safer for your operators. Superior engineering uses a rotary vane pump as opposed to a blower (used by most others), which means many advantages for the operator. The Vacstar's rotary vane pump creates a deeper vacuum, costs less, demands less horsepower and has a better tolerance for foreign material than blowers.

The patented WeedSeeker® technology uses advanced optics and computer circuitry to sense if a weed is present. When a weed enters the 12"-wide field of view of the Sensor, it signals a spray nozzle to deliver a precise amount of herbicide. The WeedSeeker® will spray only weeds, not bare ground.The WeedSeeker® is effective wherever weeds occur intermittently.

Municipal Equipment Sales, Inc.
Municipal Equipment Sales, Inc. provides municipal equipment in Georgia

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