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QUICK QUOTE: First Capital will prepare a prompt, written proposal specifying the monthly payments & terms (usually including multiple options).  Unless the specifically indicated, quotes will assume two or more years under current ownership and reasonably "clean credit" for both the business and its principals.


APPLY: For leases under $75,000, the client completes a one page QuickLease™ credit application (or apply on line)  For larger leases the client will need to meet our Commercial Lease requirements.


CREDIT REVIEW:  For leases under $75,000 approvals are usually available in 4-8 hours.  Larger leases may take 2-4 days.


VENDOR DOCUMENTATION:  The equipment vendor submits pro-forma, or actual invoices for the equipment to be leased and completes a standard Vendor Profile form.


APPROVAL!  First Capital will issue its approval re-confirming the rates and terms available for the client to select from.


LEASE DOCUMENTS are prepared, faxed, emailed or sent via overnight courier to the client with easy-to-follow instructions.  An overnight envelope OR our account number is provided for the client to return the documents to First Capital. (we also encourage clients to fax copies back via our toll-free fax line for a final review)


WE ISSUE OUR P.O. TO THE VENDOR and the vendor ships the equipment A.S.A.P. to the client.  The vendor and/or the client notifies First Capital as soon as the equipment is on-site and is operational.  At this point funds can also be disbursed to vendors requiring advanced payments (must be pre-approved).


VENDOR DELIVERS the equipment to the client.  


ORAL VERIFICATION:  The client (authorized signor) will be called for a final oral verification that the specific equipment described in the lease is on-site and functional!


VENDOR IS PAID IN FULL.  Payments are sent no later than the next business day via overnight mail (wire or ACH transfers available).  Note: All equipment on any given lease schedule must be delivered and accepted (see #9 above) prior to payment. 

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