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What does your police department or agency do when there's "no money in the budget?"

police leasing municipal equipment leasing
Most administrators have probably heard that expression, a few too many times lately.  Most government agencies have learned to  “live” year-to-year, appropriation-by-appropriation, grant-by-grant, with spending horizons that rarely cross over fiscal periods.

 It’s either in the budget, or its not…

Police Light Bar If not, most police and sheriff's departments simply can't make the purchase, no matter how critical the need.  But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to walk away.

Many government agencies are not familiar with how EASY it is for them to lease essential new equipment, paying for that equipment, monthly, quarterly or annually as their current appropriations allow.

Why pay in advance for essential equipment
...that your agency will be using for years?

In most government lease scenarios, funds come out of OPERATING accounts and are not “booked” as capital expenses, due in part to built-in non-appropriation language and on Federal transactions, the termination provisions.    And Law Enforcement Leases don't create new “debt,” for accounting purposes.

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Partial Listing of
Equipment that Law Enforcement Agencies CAN Lease...

911 Software Police Cars & Vehicles CLICK! for Police & Sheriffs
Police Radios / Mobile & Portable Police Surveillance Equipment
Police Radar / Speed Radar / Lidar New & Used Police Equipment
Law Enforcement Software In-Car Video Systems
Wireless Computing Mobile Command Centers
Hardware, Software & Networks Metal Detectors
Firing Ranges Fixed / Portable Ballistic Shields
Tactical Equipment Body Armor
Office Furniture Copiers & Fax
EMS and Rescue Equipment Finger Print & Image Recognition
Security & Surveillance Office Furniture
Rugged Tablets & Notebook PC's Light Bars
Court Reporting Software Police & Court Management Software
Police Package & Special Service Vehicles Jail Management Software
Telephone & PBX Systems Microfilm Readers
CAD Computer Aided Police Dispatch - Hardware / Software
RMS Records Management Software - Hardware / Software



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