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What do you do when there's "no money in the budget?
Most administrators have probably heard that expression, a few too many times lately.  Most government agencies “live” year-to-year, appropriation-by-appropriation, grant-by-grant, with spending horizons that rarely cross over fiscal periods.

 “It’s either in the budget, or its not…” 

If not, most agencies simply can't make the purchase, no matter how critical the need.  But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to walk away.  Many government agencies are not familiar with how EASY it is for them to lease essential new equipment, paying for that equipment, monthly, quarterly or annually as their current appropriations allow.

Why pay in advance for essential equipment
...that your agency will be using for years?

In most government lease scenarios, funds come out of OPERATING accounts  and are not “booked” as capital expenses (often BIG a plus), due in part to built-in non-appropriation language and on Federal transactions, termination provisions.    And leases do not create balance sheet “debt,” for accounting purposes.

"Why Government Leasing Makes Sense!"

Just about any equipment for:

Municipal Governments Law Enforcement
School Districts Fire Departments - Paid/Volunteer
Homeland Security State Governments
County Governments Military Installations
Highway/Roads Departments Administrative Offices
Police - State & Local Prisons & Correctional Facilities
U.S. Postal Service Coast Guard
State, County & City Hospitals Water Districts
Human Services Universities & Community Colleges
Modular Buildings Park & Recreation Equipment

IRS, HEW,  DOJ, FBI, EPA, FDA, FEMA and hundreds of others!
More here about: Federal Leasing

Special Considerations for Federal & Municipal Leases:
bulletNo Down Payments / No Deposits
bulletOne Page Application for municipal transactions.
bulletNo Financials for small municipal transactions.
bulletAutomatic Approvals for Federal Agencies.   No credit application for Federal transactions, credit approval is automatic.
bulletSoft Collateral "OK" including 100% software! (to 36 months)

Non Appropriation, NO PROBLEM!
Most government agencies are blocked (by statute) from entering into financial commitments that extend beyond the current fiscal year.  Our government leases specifically incorporate "NON APPROPRIATION" language.  In the event funds are not available for any legal reason whatsoever, the lease is terminated.  (equipment must be surrendered) Complete details are in the "Non-Appropriation" section of the lease agreement. (please call for details).  Our Federal leases also accommodate "Termination for Convenience" language!

Cash Flow Friendly Options Available
bulletMonthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual  or Annual.  In advance or in arrears
bulletDeferred Payment Leases.  Take delivery now, lease payments are deferred until the start of the next fiscal or accounting period.
bulletStep Payment Leases.   Lease payment step up or down to match cash flow.
bulletSkip Payment Leases.  To match seasonal cash flow. e.g. Municipal golf course, the municipal pool and of course, school districts!


LEASING may be an especially attractive option for government entities, with tight budget constraints--both in terms of capital acquisitions (vs. operating obligations) and budget timing. 

Equipment That Can Be Leased to Government Entities
Virtually any equipment qualifies-- from road building equipment to software, fire trucks to office copiers and just about everything in between!  [FOR EXAMPLE]

Federal Government Leasing - Some Key Differences
The federal government generally does not enter into lease agreements with third parties (like leasing companies or banks).  Most agencies however, are free to assign the proceeds of their purchase orders (i.e. the stream of payments) under the purchase Terms & Conditions, to third parties like First Capital.  The Terms & Conditions of the purchase order will indicate the "structure" of the stream of payments--whether that is monthly, quarterly or annually and the total number of periods etc.  These structures will  include the required "non-appropriation" and "termination for convenience" language.  This becomes what we would view in a commercial environment as "the lease." 

The vendor (federal contractor) is paid in full upon delivery and acceptance of the equipment and is "insulated" from any termination or non-appropriation issues in the future, other than those specifically related to the vendor's own non-performance under the purchase order terms. 

Leasing puts most vendors (federal contractors) in a substantially better position than if they were "at risk" for all of contingencies under a typical government contract. 

Indian Nations - A Special Case
First Capital can provide funding for Indian nations located on federal lands and/or native Indian-owned/controlled enterprises on or off federal lands.  Call for details [MORE

Dealer Programs.  Do you have distributors, VAR's, independent reps. or dealers? [MORE] 

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