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  Why Chance ANY Sale....    
    Going To a Competitor?

"My customers all pay cash.  I don't 'get involved' in financing...if they can't afford' my equipment--they don't buy it."

"That's what I used to think.  And it was true.  All of the customers who did buy (from me),  did pay cash.  What I didn't realize was that many of the customers "who didn't buy" from me, bought the same equipment from one of my competitors who offered them a financing option--like leasing.  That was a real eye opener.  Now, our goal is converting 100% of our prospects, to customers.  Every prospect gets a First Capital lease quotation."  They know the numbers--cash or lease. And they make the call."

Mike Rand, V.P. Sales

78% Of Business Equipment Sold In The U.S. Is Financed.
From the Fortune the corner grocery store. The fact is that more than 50% of that "financed" equipment, is leased.  Leasing makes tax sense. Leasing makes cash flow sense.  The real question is can you afford not to offer the same options that:


Most other vendors and resellers (your competitors) are offering, and


That most of your prospects are using every day?

Don't lose control of the sale!
Close the sale NOW by reducing your cash price to an affordable, "budgetable," easy-to-say-yes-to monthly payment.

Sidestep "the capital budgeting process"
by presenting your equipment as an operating expense--which, in most organizations can be approved at a lower organizational/departmental level.

How is your "hot prospect" going to pay for it?
When you leave that door open, you are inviting your prospects to entertain other offers.  You are also inviting their local banker (or your competitor's leasing company!) to kill your deal.  Close the door...and close the sale!

Dealer Support Programs.  Do you have distributors, VAR's, independent reps. or dealers? [MORE]


Open The Largest Market in the World! 
First Capital can provide leasing to your government clients & prospects as well:


bullet Municipal
bullet County
bullet State
bullet Schools

[Learn More]

Closing Tools
Show your clients how they can lease your equipment and DEDUCT $134,000 from this year's taxes! [More]  

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Cash Flow Friendly Vendor Programs...
  That Will Help You Sell More Equipment!


bulletPre-payments, "progress payments" & pre-funding...Up to 100%!  (Vendors see: Vendor Approval Requirements)
bulletFunds overnighted to you within 24 hours--Wire transfer and ACH funding (directly into your checking account) also available.
bulletInventory / Financing Floorplanning.  Keep equipment in stock for immediate delivery.  Take advantage of your manufacturer's and distributor's quantity discounts.  This is financing for the UNSOLD equipment that you need to keep in inventory.  Maintain inventory on-hand for immediate delivery to your customers.  Why pay in advance for what you haven't sold yet?
bulletLease Types, Options & Specialty Programs for your customers. [MORE]
bulletCash Flow Friendly Options for customers and vendors! [MORE]

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