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Equipment Leasing Programs for Business - Overview

First Capital provides a variety of lease options to commercial clients including:

$1 Buyout (Finance), Fair Market Value (FMV), P.U.T. & TRAC [MORE]



QuickLease Our application-only program for equipment from $2,000 to $200,000!  [MORE]


No business plans or projections required!  QuickLease™ programs can be pre-approved in as little as 30 minutes, with full approvals in 1-2 business days--often sooner



Commercial Lease.  Our most aggressive rates for transactions from $20,000 to $5 million for companies able to provide financial statements (review or audit level) and/or tax returns. [MORE]  



Hard Assets (Long lived trucks, machine tools, construction vehicles) to $250,000 - Application Only!


Cash Flow Friendly  [Options] and how they can benefit your company.



Equipment Lease - PLUS - Working Capital in one simplified transaction.  We get it.  Expanding you business isn't "just" a matter of a adding a new CNC Machine or a dump truck.  Its just logical that you may need working capital to fill out other areas of your business as well.  You us up to 25% of your approved amount as working capital to help build your business from the inside out as well!





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Business & Equipment Lease Types

bullet machinery equipment leasingLease To Own ($1 Buyout, Capital Lease, Finance Lease or Bargain Purchase Lease) These 4 terms describe leases that combine lower, fixed monthly payments with the guaranteed-in-advance right to purchase the equipment at the conclusion of the lease term at a pre-determined price--usually $1.00.  Ownership of the equipment anticipated. (Available in most, but not all states.  Please call for details)

Lease With Option To Buy (FMV or Operating Lease).  Provides greater flexibility and lower monthly payments than the Lease-To-Own format.  In an operating lease there is no expectation of ownership at lease end.  Key benefits of these lease types include 4 monthly lease-end options::
bulletReturn the equipment to First Capital with no further obligation (operating), OR
bulletPurchase the equipment for its fair market value at the time, OR
bulletContinue leasing for additional months at a reduced monthly payment, OR
bulletP.U.T. - Purchase the equipment for a fixed amount--usually 10% of its price. (Must be agreed to in advance)


Specialty Lease Programs
bulletStart-Ups & New Business Leases  No problem - Banks Walk Away - We Do Them Every Day!  [MORE] 
bulletCredit Challenged?  Previous slow pays, paid tax liens, even bankruptcies (adjudicated 3 yrs w/good pay since) We get them done!
bulletNo Monthly Payments for 4 Months!  [MORE] 
bullet Software Only.  Up to 100% financing for software-only purchases. including custom software and some "consulting." [MORE]
bulletUsed Equipment, NO PROBLEM.  Almost any used equipment except computers and copiers.  Does your client need to sell his used equipment to buy your new equipment--we can finance both transactions.
bullet Factoring - Convert your receivable into cash and get paid in 24 hours.
bulletAccounts Receivable & Working Capital. Unleash the cash tied up in your customer receivables!  Turn your outstanding receivables in your own working in capital in days instead of weeks and months.  [MORE]
bulletUsed Equipment.  Does your client need to sell his used equipment to buy your new equipment--we can finance both transactions.
bulletSale Leaseback.  Has the equipment already been recently delivered and the client would like to get his cash out? We can do it! 
bulletVendor Pre-Funding.  Deposits to the vendor--up to 100% prior to equipment delivery
bulletWebsites & e-Commerce sites.  Lease-to-own financing for software and development [MORE]
bulletCommercial Vehicles--TRAC & Conventional Leases.  Construction, Titled Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers, Vans, Limos & Cars. [MORE]
bulletMunicipal, State & Federal Government Leases.  Special rates and a variety of repayment structures. [MORE]


Rental Inventory Financing / A Dealer Program
First Capital can provide financing for equipment that you purchase for the purpose of renting to your clients.  From air compressors to laptop computers, tools to concrete forms, audio visual equipment to forklifts...and everything in between


Accounts Receivable Financing / Working Capital Financing

Do you extend credit to your customers?   If you're shipping on credit and your customers are paying in 30, 60, 90 or more days (and you are not alone) are taking cash out of your business to fund your customers' businesses.  Couldn't you make better use of that money?   First Capital can arrange to buy your accounts receivable (factoring) and pay you cash NOW. [MORE] about our Accounts Receivable programs

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Other Business Financing Resources & Topics
Lease Vs. Bank Vs. Cash Financing
An overview of the differences in the three most widely used financing options.  You may be surprised at what you learn here! [MORE]

Taxes & Leasing
The tax and financial benefits of leasing and how you can make them work for you. [

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