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(Not for Municipal or Government Transactions)

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bulletCompany Name
bulletLease Amount:
bulletPreferred Buyout ($1 or FMV)
bulletPreferred Term (Months)
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bulletZip /Postal Code
bulletYears Under Current Ownership
All Guarantors (All owners of 10% of more of the business)
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bullet% Ownership
bulletFirst & Last Name
bulletSocial Security Number
bulletGuarantor(s) Full Home Address, City, State & Zip
Banking Information (Must show 2 year banking history)
bulletBank Name, Bank Account #, Bank Phone & Contact Name
 Trade References  2-3 businesses you have credit (charge) privileges with.
bulletName, Contact, Phone # & Account #

We understand that start-ups will not have trade references.

(Not for Municipal or Government Transactions)



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