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"...In our line of business we've found that a lot of our capital was getting tied up in our own accounts receivable--unpaid invoices.  Our customers were running their businesses for 30, 60 and even 90 days, on OUR cash!  And IT WAS GETTING WORSE...the more we sold, the more (of our) capital was getting tied up.  First Capital's Account Receivable program finally unleashed OUR cash, for use in OUR business..."


Its About Your Customer's Credit
...Not Yours

Unlike conventional working capital loans or bank lines, First Capitals' financing programs focus strictly on your customers ability to pay, NOT your credit or financial history--whether you are a start-up, early stage, newer business or a mature business, whether credit history is 'triple A," not so good or non-existent!  Historical losses or negative net worth are NOT an issue.  Bankable or "non-bankable!"


Account Receivable financing leverages your customers' good credit to improve your cash flow and free up your working capital.


More financing flexibility than any other method.  The quality of your invoices and the creditworthiness of your clients is the primary consideration--rather than your balance sheet.


No credit limit!  There is NO CREDIT LIMIT, we fund as many of creditworthy commercial accounts as you can ship to and invoice.


VERY FAST! Turn invoices into immediate cash for business operations.  Initial funding in just 5-10 days.  Thereafter as fast as 24 hours!


NO NEW DEBT on your balance sheet.  Factoring is not a loan, no balance sheet debt is incurred.


Take Advantage Discount for Prompt Payment and/or volume purchase discounts from your suppliers--when you have your funds up front instead of tied up in your customers' accounts.


How Accounts Receivable Financing Works...
(in a nutshell)

The initial account set-up takes from 5-10 days, thereafter we can provide from 75% to 90% of the face value of new invoices in as little as 24 hours.  (in part determined by the creditworthiness of your clients).  In essence, we "buy" the invoices, discounted by the (10-25% reserve amount), from you.  We then very closely monitor that account for payment.


When your customer pays us for the invoice in 30, 60 or even 90 days, we will pay the balance of the face amount to you--less a small service fee based on the number of days required to collect on that invoice.  (Note: You may be required to "buy back" invoices that remain unpaid for more than 90 days. (Our A/R programs are for creditworthy customers who may pay "slowly," not for those who don't pay at all)


Is Accounts Receivable Financing

       ...  A Good Fit for Your Company?



"B2B" sales only, no business to consumer transactions considered.


Business must be selling on "terms."


Business must be billing in arrears. (no pre-funding/pre-billing)


Monthly sales of $20,000.month or $250,000 year.


Accounts should be spread over a mix of customers. (i.e. no single customer accounts)


Business should be capable of generating its own A/R and A/P aging reports.


Individual invoices should be for $350 or more.


Please call for a complete discussion of our programs and a proposal specific to exact situation.  We also have a very good Working Capital Loan program that may be right for you as well!


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