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Experience Counts!

First Capital Equipment Leasing was founded more than 35 years ago to provide competitive, fast and flexible lease-to-own and lease-with-option-to-buy, financing of commercial-use equipment and software for businesses, non-profits and government entities including federal, state, county and municipal governments. First Capital's programs have been offered nationally in all 50 states. 

First Capital's large repeat-client base continues to demonstrate, that there is a strong demand for competitive rates and the one-to-one service that has long since been abandoned by the largest financial institutions!

First Capital provides a broad range of financial options from $2,000 for small businesses to $20 million dollars for the largest commercial and government entities.  First Capital also offers a number of "cash flow friendly" leases with customized payment streams-deferred initial payments, seasonally adjusted payments and step up/step down payment structures designed specifically to suit its clients cash flow needs.  Both finance ($1 buyout) and tax leases (FMV) are available to commercial entities.

Serving Commercial, Non-Profit, Governments & School  Clients
Founded in 1985!
On The Web Since 1998

September of 1998 was an auspicious time in the history of the world wide web!  It's true!  Both First Capital Equipment Leasing Corp and a California start-up with the unlikely name "Google," made their respective online "web debuts," way back in September of 1998.  Although Google was brand new at the time, First Capital had already celebrated its 13th birthday in 1998! Today we are marking 35+ years in Commercial, Non-Profit and Government finance.

Experience Really Does Count
And We've Got More Than Just About Anybody!

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What First Capital Does Best...

First Capital's expertise, its "distinctive competence," is matching its clients' individual business credit needs & financial profiles with funding sources (internal or external), that have both an understanding of and an "appetite" for, the particular equipment being financed and the unique risk profiles of the borrower and the industry.

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4 Key Aspects of Every First Capital Commercial Credit Review

First Capital provides its financing services to commercial clients in virtually any industry-focusing our review on:

bulletCapital requirements
bulletStructure (payment stream, term, end-of-lease options etc.)
bulletCredit complexion of the business & its principals
bulletThe equipment and its importance to the success of the business

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All Types of Commercial & Government Equipment, Software & Real Property...

That being said we have done considerable amounts of work over the years in Computer Hardware/Software, Communications, Networks, Digital Imaging, Fire, Rescue, EMS and Law Enforcement Equipment and Vehicles, Recycling, Machine Tools, Commercial Vehicles, Food Service, Seafood Processing, HVAC, Packaging, Machine Tools and CNC equipment among others.

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Marketing Channels...First Capital's Clients

The "backbone" of the First Capital's commercial sales effort has always been marketing to equipment vendors in a variety of key industries.  Over a period of years those sales have resulted in thousands of referrals from those vendors, their clients and their clients' equipment vendors, ultimately allowing First Capital to develop an expertise in many new areas. Direct sales to the company's national account base are pursued hand-in-hand with high visibility attendance at leading industry trade shows.

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Proactive Vendor Marketing Support

Proactive is the key word. We do not want to be "order takers," but rather marketing partners.  First Capital has also introduced LeaseLink an online lease calculator that also produces fully customized lease quotation on the vendor's letterhead that can be printed, faxed or emailed at the push of a button. We are willing to get out front, on-site with vendor sales team training them on utilizing "Leasing as a Sales Tool," and comprehensive dealer marketing programs!  We can accompany vendors to trade shows to handle financing inquires on the show floor. First Capital has a variety of sales incentive programs (including frequent flyer miles for lease dollars) designed to encourage representatives to "sell up" and close their deals faster--with the benefits of leasing. With a vendor's permission, First Capital will contact the vendor's prospects directly, at the beginning of the sales cycle, to explain their financing options and guide them through the entire application and documentation phase through to final vendor funding. 

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